Glass Art by Jean


Hello! My name is Jean Miller Phipps. This is my showcase of  Fused Glass Art. Specializing in custom Fused Glass Creations.












Fused Glass

Glass fusing has existed for thousands of years. It is the process of taking two or more pieces of glass and melting them together. Glass artists and hobbyists use this process to create beautiful works of art, fusing glass to create unlimited stylings of plates, vases, jewelry pieces, windchimes and yard art, other glass image representations of many interests.

How I create my Fused Glass Artwork

Each piece is individually designed by picking different pieces of colors and patterns of glass. I then cut, stack, and place glass together in a kiln oven. It is fired at temperatures ranging from 1450-1550 degrees. This melts (fuses) the glass into the design. The fused glass is then cooled for 10-12 hours. Since different glasses melt differently, this creates a unique, one of a kind piece. When the glass has cooled, it is then put into a mold and returned to the kiln for a second firing at a lower temperature. This softens the glass allowing it to form over the mold and create the desired shape. After a second cooling, another unique, custom piece of artwork is born!