Glass Art by Jean


About Me

I love creating unique pieces of Fused Glass Art. My interest in glass art was first stimulated by the stained glass windows in our church and many of the older houses in our neighborhood. As a child, I was fascinated watching sunshine stream through the stained glass making beautifu, brilliant colors and designs.

Over many years I tried several different art mediums where I could use my imagination to blend colors and designs into useful pieces, satisfying both the creative and practical sides of my nature. I enjoyed finding fabric to sew or embroider. I have also been involved with ceramics to paint and glaze. Finally, after raising my sons, I had the time and space to return to my first desire; make stained glass. While studying to craft my own stained glass artwork I discovered Fused Glass Art. Fused glass opened a whole new pathway for me to blend colors and create designs with unending possibilties.

One of the things I enjoy most with Fused Glass Art is that it is so timeless. It gives me so much pleasure to give as a gift knowing that my family or friend will have a piece created just for them that they can cherish for years to come. Evidently other people liked that idea, too because as soon as my Fused Glass Art was on display I started getting many requests for more items.

It is always a pleasure and a challenge to complete a new piece of fused glass. I am still excited every time I open my kiln to discover a new creation. Each time every piece is a tiny bit different, the way the glass melts and forms is always new.

Hopefully you will also enjoy my Fused Glass Art. Contact me by email or by phone so we can create a memorable gift for you, too. Even better stop in and see my display at one of my events in your area. See my schedule of events here.

Thank you for your interest and please enjoy my website.